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Hystou X2 Linux Thin Client 1.2G RDP 7.0 PC Station NComputing Cloud


Key Features:

  1. Strong compatibility
  2. Support windows 7/8/Linux server, high compatibility
  3. Dual mode display by HDMI /VGA
Estimated Delivery Date May 29, 2019


Hystou X2 Linux Thin Client 1.2G RDP 7.0 PC Station NComputing Cloud Terminal Virtual Computer Windows Mini PC Desktop VGA HDMI

Before you buy, please read below notice:
1. X2 only as thin client connect with computer host or server, it can not work as stand-alone computer;
2. Server OS support windows 7/8/10, high compatibility;
3. Accessories including power adapter, vesa mount, screws and user manual.
4. If you choose DHL, we have the rights to select the shipping way from DHL,UPS, EMS, FEDEX and TNT ,etc;
5. We usually put real value on shipping invoice, if you need low value on invoice, please leave a message to us.
thin client windowsmini-pc-station


Specifications of X2


Hystou X series features:
High compatibility! Support all Windows/Linux server: No need to set time and date. Connect with host pc directly!
HDMI and VGA Resolution support: Resolution: support HDMI 1920*1080P; Support 1366*768 resolution which can support irregular monitor such as 15.6/18.5inch
Attractive price & Excellent working performance:  Hystou X1 2 times faster < X3(Linux OS) 2 times faster  <X5(Linux OS) 2 times faster
Main function:
Hystou X series thin clients make the remote connection to the server by RDP 7.0 / 8.0 protocol ,it is free to use the software on the host after connection, such as office software, financial software, ERP software, real estate software, airline flight information software etc.
Fast to connect, easy to operate & maintain, Hystou X series thin clients are green computers that not only reduces the cost of enterprise computer inputs, but also reduces maintenance costs, it meets the corporate office network construction and easy maintenance, and security requirements, greatly improves the corporate office efficiency, provides customers with unprecedented convenience.
RDP 7.0 remote connection
High compatibility with windows 7 server, very stable performance, it features a higher security. Hystou X series thin client connect to windows 7 os server by RDP 7.0 protocol, it unified customer service to each user, and upgrades and maintenance work in one step, make it being “zero” maintenance.
Overview HD big picture
Support most picture formats, such as JPG,BMP,GIF,TIFF,PNG etc, also supports picture zoom and other operations.
Can add High-speed WIFI module
Without cumbersome wiring, more convenient to move, Hystou X series thin client provides users a better network environment.
Strong compatibility
Support windows 7/8/Linux server, high compatibility
Dual mode display by HDMI /VGA
Thin Client virtual desktops share the excess power of standard PCs and make computing simple and affordable. When using Thin Client N630, you can save money by sharing the cost of a single PC among multiple users. And your users feel like they each have their own PC while they simultaneously share common applications—including web browsers, e-mail, office suites, and multimedia. Every user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files, so their experience is just like it would be if they were working at an independent PC
Main advantage:
Efficiently share one PC without limite to users
Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
Flexible Ethernet networking
Compact and reliable
Energy-efficient (under 5 watts per user)
How it works:
Work as thin client and build multi-user computing system, share all resources from Server or Host PC, let one pernonal computer share with unlimited end users. Support HD graphics after connecting to server, resolution up to 1080p.
Recommended Server / HOST configuration according to ures number
1-4 users  : >2.4 GHz P4  with 512MB
5-10 users : >3.0 GHz P4 with 2GB
11-20 users: Intel P4 3.2GHz with 3GB
21-30 users: XEON3.2CHz or XEON2.8GHZ DUAL with 4GB
31-50 users: XEON E5506*2 4G*4 DDR3/1333 ECC REG
51-70 users: XEON E5506*2 4G*6 DDR3/1333 ECC REG
More than 70 users: at least XEON E7520*2 16G*4 DDR3/1333 ECC REG
Main Application field:
Schools: building multimedia teaching system at lowest cost;
Bank counter and other similar service end;
Home: computer for children, share one computer with whole family users same time;
Office: this mini pc can apply to most office works, except developers who require very powerful computing support, all others can just use thin client;
Conference room: build e-conference room at lowest cost and perfect performance;
Retail shops: install cashier system and connect to cash box, label printer, barcode scanner and others;
Internet cafe: build high-grade internet cafe at cheapest investment.
Thin client
thin client pc station

thin client x2

thin client Linux

x2 thin clientpc stationthin client mini pc
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